Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Day of January.... Oh My!

   Well, its all ready the last day of January!  Our weather this winter has been kind of crazy..... lots of warm days and nights.  REALLY wish I'd planted a Fall garden!!!  Oh well, lesson learned.  Now the sycamore trees are all being perfectly sensible. They look like this one over on the little corner lot.  The mulberry trees on the other hand......

 ...look like this!!! Loads of new leaves and they're covered in little fuzzy green berries.  I know we need more cold weather for a large variety of reasons, but I'm hoping it doesn't freeze and make the berries drop off!  Last year I was surprised when I had a few mulberries in February. Perhaps its becoming the new normal. Global warming is messing around with everything!

Here are some of the little "fuzzles".


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Farewell and Thank You 2012. Greetings 2013!!!

   The last sunset of 2012. What a year! I've learned and discovered so much in the last twelve months. Some of it not altogether pleasant, but those are often the times when I learn the most important things! So its been a year of ups and downs. And I've grown tremendously from them. Now its onward into 2013...
   Saw a post on Facebook the other day that asked the question: Are old aquaintances to be forgot?  The resounding answer is "YES"! And almost everyone else agreed. ha ha ha   Guess I'm not the only one to learn that particular lesson! Its a simple fact of Life, sometimes you outgrow certain relationships. Or you find out the truth about someone and realize that they no longer have a place in your life. It must have been a grand year for this lesson, an awful lot of people experienced it. I've heard it all!  From every form of lies and dishonesty, to the ever rampant addiction to excessive drama!  I'm tired of these people taking up space and time in my life. The demands for attention, the guilt trips, etc.. I just refuse to allow it any more.   Of course, there will be times I mess up on that resolve.... but thats to be expected. I've spent over fifty years being used to that sort of behavior as, in the least, acceptable. No more. I have a great life to live and I intend to do it in wonderous fashion!!!!!
    Another message that has come through loud and clear is "spread your wings". I was taking that to mean creatively, but heck, why not my whole Life! This ought to be really interesting!!! And lots of fun too!