Monday, February 17, 2014

Cold Front Comin' Through!!!

   Got off work and just look at that sky! I'd better hurry! Haul the compost and some peat moss over to the corner lot and get to digging.

   Here are the two loquats. Got that 'deformed' little redbud in too. Just in time. Started feeling rain drops right as I was finishing up.

   Bella was trying to help. Must have found a really interesting smell.

   Yep. THATS an interesting smell all right! Glad I didn't get a whiff! hahaha

   Then the wind blew hard and the rain came down! And kept coming!!!! Those little trees got in at just the right time.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just Me and Fergus.

   Well, you see how I get to type this evening! Fearless Fergus McAngus is sticking even closer to me than usual.... he fell out through a window yesterday and got stuck outside till after dark. And that "fearless" part really doesn't fit him. chuckle
   Anyway, hopefully I'm able to post this. Been having a lot of problems with that for quite a few months. Seems someone has "attached on" somehow to my blog and is using it. I don't know how... or why! But its really aggravating and has created technical problems for both of my blogspots.  Hopefully one of these days I will be able to get the problem resolved. And get rid of that horrid individual(s) that is causing all this difficulty.
    So.... this Winter has made me even more thankful that I live in Florida!!! We've certainly had a few COLD spells! But they were of short duration. Here it is the 11th of February and the trees are starting to bud out all ready. The pollen count is ridiculous!! The big mulberry tree on the corner lot is loaded with little fuzzy green berries!  How awesome is that?!  
    Speaking of the corner lot, I was out marking where to plant a couple of loquat trees.  Also need to move the elm and that little redbud. Will need to get some peat moss and cow manure to add to the soil.  I want to get them in the ground before the rain starts tomorrow. Seems there is another cold front heading our way! We have seen a lot of them this season. But I'll gladly accept the rain that they bring! hahaha
    Today was also a great day for watching birds! It looks like the ospreys are going to try and rebuild their nest in that transmission tower at the end of the road. YEH!!!  I've been observing the one gathering material all day long. It even flies in and tries to break off branches from the dead pine tree across the street. That bird actually sits in the neighboring tree and plans which piece it wants to try and retrieve. Wonderful to watch!!  The blue jays and grackles have been going after every hawk that tries to hunt around here. They're not holding back either! I usually cheer on the "little guy", but I feel kind of sorry for the hawks. Here they are on their regular "rounds"..... just trying to find a meal and the next thing they know.... they're under attack by feathered kamikaze!  Oh well, nature has its ways.
   Judging from the snoring, I'd better get Fergus snuggled into an actual cat bed!  Hope everyone has a wonderful night.
* Full moon coming!!!!!!