Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Her Advice for 2014.

   I found Sibyl sitting on the sun drenched steps yesterday. When I inquired about what she was gazing at, her reply was simply "2013".
   So I sat down next to her and tried to coax out a little more information. Finally got her to share her thoughts. (And yes, I named her Sibyl for a reason, so I pay close attention to her actions and communications.)
   " I'm watching this year as it walks slowly towards the West. It will fade away into the sunset and ne'er be seen again. Just as every day does. An ending and a beginning.... meeting at that magickal point on the horizon. Its an infinitely continuous process. Since the creation of this planet each night leads into a new day. And then the cycle continues.

   Only humans, with your calendars and clocks, make a huge fuss over this particular day! How unnatural!   And now you're hinting around, hoping for a prophecy about your coming "year".

   Live simply and joyfully, show respect to all living things...and yes, that includes this blessed Earth that we live upon, be kind, do good deeds.... even when you aren't asked to do them, let the love in your heart shine brightly. Do those things and this next year will be more wonderful than you ever imagined! That is my prophecy to all humans."