Saturday, September 13, 2014

Guess I'd better get busy!

   Well, yesterday was the beginning! For a few years I've known that the one mulberry tree was way too close to my home and needed to be removed. I meant to move and replant it, but Life happened and my attentions were drawn elsewhere. Then it was too big to move! And I said to myself  "Better cut it down NOW, before it gets any larger." Well, Self didn't listen!!!  Now, me, my Self and I have a job to do.  (I had figured in late October or November when the temperatures are more pleasant would be a good time for this endeavor.)
   I started by taking down most of that ridiculously tall sunflower that towers over my mobile home. (Saved seeds!!)  In a windstorm it really pummels the edge of my roofing! So it HAD to go!        And speaking of storms, we've been really lucky the last few years as far as hurricanes go. But I still felt the need to make sure that overhanging limbs were removed!
   After I finished with the sunflower and hauled all the plant matter over to the corner lot, I started eyeing the mulberry. It had several limbs suspended over the roof so that was what I planned on cutting.    I got all but one... it has an interesting angle that I wasn't sure how to approach with the pole saw. Will try and figure that out later this evening.
   Anyway, as I stood there looking at this growing pile of limbs and leaves I realized that my original plan of starting the removal of this tree when the weather cooled off was totally unrealistic!!!   In my head, strange little Universe that it is, I had figured on taking out the tree, planting two or three other fruit trees AND doing the brickwork for the raised herb beds AND being done before Yule.  OK... I don't know what the hell I was thinking! Its darn near the middle of September all ready!!!!  Soooo... made a change of plan. From this point on I will try to cut a limb a day. That sounds manageable. Cut and haul the small debris over to the other lot. The bigger pieces I'll dry and carve on them at some future date. Mulberry is such a lovely wood I would hate to waste it.
    Luckily I've been talking to the tree and nature spirits about this for some time now. I've been asking them to relocate their energy over to the other trees and I feel like they've been very cooperative in that regard. I also apologized for my change in plans! They seem to appreciate my efforts... which is really a good thing! And I certainly appreciate all that they do!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Assorted Sunsets

We have been having some of the most beautiful sunsets lately.

Even on days when its all rainy and grey! The clouds are amazing.

And the colors vary from one day to the next.

This is from this evening! It was rainy and overcast almost all day.
Then THIS appeared!!!
What can I say, except that life is beautiful.... you simple have to open your eyes and heart to truly see it.

Friday, August 22, 2014

There is a change coming...........................

   Dreams, dreams, dreams! So many dreams! Of changes, setting up boundaries, discarding what is no longer useful, planting, creating! There are warnings. I'm being shown who to be wary of... what a blessing that is! Lots of things are getting ready to change. Or are all ready in the process!  I'm going to have to take better care of myself! I've got to be at the top of my game as Autumn approaches. All these messages coming through... its a bit over whelming. But such a relief. I've been waiting a long time.
    Ahulee has been showing up a lot lately too. I feel him around me. In little snippets of day dreams I look at puppies, or someone shows me one. I always look at their eyes. He said I'd know by his eyes.  Mind you, I haven't gone actually looking at dogs. If its meant to be then one will come along. Ahulee will either come back ... or send one to me.

Friday, July 25, 2014

It got me to thinkin'.......

   So, the post on the social network talked about "unstructured.... open time....Returning to natural rhythms..." It also asked how important this was to everyone reading it. And how often we made space for it in our lives. It certainly got me to thinking!
   Thinking that "no" I don't really have any leisurely time at my disposal. A part time job, my rescue animals and my mother pretty much occupy my whole day. Its stressful, but there are just phases in one's life where you do what you have/need to do... and that's it! Then another phase comes along, similar but different , and you do it again. That's life in general.
    Don't get me wrong. I've had some fantastic phases! Plenty of time to touch the Universe and swim in the energy currents that flow throughout this world of ours... and beyond. And I still connect to that... but right now its only for short little periods of time.        Then its necessary to pull back in, ground and go bathe my mother, or do the laundry, prepare a meal, head off to work, etc..
    There is an odd, chaotic rhythm to it all. Caring and necessity make up the foundation. And that is where the steadiness lies. When things get too erratic and just plain crazy... I reach down deep and connect.    Stability is a necessity, especially at this point in my life.
    As for aligning with natural rhythms. The best habit I have set into my life has been to light candles when I awaken. No electric lighting. That just puts me in a foul mood!! I have several lanterns hanging from my ceiling on sturdy chains. In each of these is a tea candle. I literally feel my way around until I pull the lighter out of the basket on the table... then I proceed to light whichever candles I will need. On days I don't go to work, the natural progression into the light of the sunrise is such a blessing to my body and Spirit. I feel more balanced and peaceful the whole day through.  And when I can do it in the evenings too!!! Oh, how wonderful!     Once again, its those seemingly little things that have the most impact. No action is as insignificant as you might think it is.


   Whatever you do in life, remember to reach for the Light. I took this photo as an example of that. I thought one of my crepe myrtle trees hadn't bloomed because it was overshadowed by the much larger mulberry. Once I got to looking more closely at it... I saw that the branches that had grown high enough did indeed have flowers.  So you see, you just have to rise above it all!! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

There are those moments in Life.... that touch deeply.

It seems he comes into the store almost every day.
Always sad looking, always alone.
Always nice and well mannered.
Riding in a motorized scooter.
When he tries to walk, you can tell he is in pain.
Today he had on his World War II veteran cap.
Today he came and picked out a couple of doughnuts.
As usual I walked around the counter to put them in the basket on his scooter.
He had all ready stood up and then started to lower himself into the seat with great difficulty.
As usual he thanks me, then again..."Thank you" he utters in that hollow sounding speech of the deaf. 
You can tell he has lost his hearing over time.
But today he looked up at me and asked if I had children....
when I answered "yes", he sat up a straighter and said ....
"Don't let them join the military.
  Don't let them go to war!"
Then he sank back down and started touching his chest...
"Thank God. God saved me. He saved me."
He made the sign of the cross and moved his head slowly from side to side.
His voice barely a whisper, his head still moving back and forth, he uttered "war" once more.
His hand motions indicated that he wouldn't speak of the rest....
Then a soft "Thank you" before rolling away.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mid July Doldrums

   What a lovely end to a very odd day! I've been particularly sensitive to just about everything these last few weeks... add on the full moon and I'm just a stressed out mess when I have to deal with the world outside my home and yard. Its times like these that I just want to put up huge barricades and stay in my own little space! I'll gladly let the rest of the world roll on by. 
   With that in mind, I really haven't had much time to tend this place I call home. Everything is ageing and in need of repair. I don't have the money, time, muscle or no-how.... but somehow I'll manage to get through. I always do! I'm asking my Guides, Angels and Ancestors for a lot of extra help. 

   I went out into the back yard this afternoon and took a good look around. As usual, so much to do!  Have to figure out a better container to grow the strawberries in. This just isn't working well. I need to go vertical due to lack of space plus all the animals around here.  Strawberries with cat pee on them is a very bad thing indeed!!!    Found purslane growing in the one pot. That plant will grow darn near anywhere!

   Its been insanely hot so far this summer. My lovely little pansy flowers got fried to death! They just do not survive the heat.    Hmm, the chives need a major trim and perhaps thinning out too. Its only a month and a half till I start up the Fall garden.... have lots of preparation to do.

   And FINALLY I found a fig before the birds did!!! What an accomplishment! I was thrilled! hahahaa  The songbirds have been getting them all lately. And the hens stand under the trees and gaze longingly up into the branches... hopping as high as they can go. When I find a half eaten fig I pick it and tear it into three pieces for the girls. They just adore them!!  Maybe even more than they love watermelon. But then again, maybe NOT!  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Can't Believe Its June !!!

   Here it is the 2nd of June! Good grief!!! My Granny always said that the older you get the faster time goes by. Wow, was she ever right about that! So many things to catch up on... but they'll have to wait (as usual anymore).
   What I did really want to share with everyone is that I FINALLY got the Golden Lotus Incense Heater from Mermade Arts. I haven't had a heater in years and had made up my mind to get this one so I could fully enjoy the beautiful incense that Katlyn creates.
   Well, I am thrilled!!! This little beauty just changed my life for the better. Seriously, my home "feels" so wonderful right now! And smells even better. With all the animals I have... that's REALLY saying something! hahaha 
    Started out with some frankincense to bless the whole thing, then tried the Sweet Earth mixture.  Then dug down into my incense box and brought up the jar of Veil Bakhoor. Its supposed to be at its best burned on charcoal, but the fragrance went to new heights on the heater.... my home has smelled like a temple all afternoon and evening. I could get used to this! Way too used to it! hahaha
    Anyway, if you adore incense and want to enjoy some of the best around, here is a link to Mermade Arts.....

    Enjoy and Blessings to everyone!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Little Berry Pickin'.

   One of my favorite places!! Standing underneath the mulberry canopy and gazing at the sunlight shimmering through. The grandchildren came over and picked a few berries today. A wonderful way to spend part of a picture perfect afternoon!

   This will give you some idea of size. That's my grandson down there in the corner. You find more mulberries if you look up under the branches and leaves. So he is trying his best!   Also looks like the camera caught a couple of big orbs. Hey, the Spirits and Angels love it when the children come around! Glad they decided to jump into the family photo! hahaha

     Of course, the best part is the sampling! To insure good quality berries!

   The Nature Spirits really were playful today. Kept putting green berries in my granddaughter's hair!  No one else.... just her. She didn't know they were there when I took this photo. chuckle     

Meanwhile out on the Corner.......

   Will begin playing catch up with the posts!  We've had several cold fronts come through of late, bringing much needed rain and those robust winds that I love so much. The big mulberry tree really dances when the winds pick up! It has those large draping limbs that sweep the ground. What a wonderful tree.

   Quite a few unripe berries fell off..... but there are SO MANY left I don't think it made any difference. As usual, there will be plenty to go around.

   Dug up a patch so I could plant some Liatris spicata for the bees and this is just some of what I found. Lots of broken glass and pieces of metal, tile, linoleum and some unidentified "stuff"! Its going to take a lot of work to get the land back in balance over there.... but I feel like I have a really good start!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Living the "Green" Life.

   Just love this time of year. Everything is so GREEN! These photos show the West side of my mobile home where two of the mulberry trees grow. Yes, I know the one is waaaay too close. I'll have to remedy that situation pretty soon. But not this year! (I said that last year too. Yikes!)

   Its just so pretty... and loaded with berries. I just love sitting at my kitchen table and gazing out at it. And when the berries get ripe, its an awesome bird watching spot. Just ask any of my cats!

   Here is the view looking out. The sunlight coming through the leaves is a lovely sight to behold. Uplifting and soothing! Makes me feel downright JOYFUL!       I hear all the time about "living green".... well, I'm surrounded by it right now. And loving every minute of it.

   Then there is that maple tree in the back yard that obviously hasn't seen the memo about it being Spring! hahaha 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring is bursting out all over the place.

   Most of the maples have dropped all their Autumn colored leaves. (We don't get Fall colors from them until January or February) And the little "whirly gigs" are flying everywhere in the breeze. Love to watch them. The squirrels love to eat them! And that COLOR!


   Then there is the issue of the Cherry Laurels. They're what I call "glorified weeds". Some just call them junk trees. Either way, they don't hold up under storms very well and can be a real hazard. But.... when they produce those little dark berries the birds go absolutely NUTS! That's why I didn't cut down all that were growing on my property.  A big mistake in hindsight, but I've had a lot of enjoyment over the years watching flocks of robins and cedar waxwings going into feeding frenzies! hahaha
   Unfortunately for me, my trees are getting ready to bloom now. Like any second! The pollen will billow out through the air and I'll have to run for cover! And take lots of antihistamines when I want to work outside in the yard. Sheesh!

   Speaking of that... I was trying to tidy up the front a little and make room to plant some squash. Underneath all the leaves I found quite a bit of Virginia Creeper growing. Got all excited about changing my plans for the afternoon, but then I found out that I didn't have any basket frames ready for weaving. (I could have sworn I had one or two ready to go!?)  So I grudgingly rolled the vines up for later.    Will have to soak them when I want to use them. Sometimes that messes up the appearance of the outer "bark". Better to use them fresh. Oh well, that'll teach me to be more prepared!  Will have to get some frames and ribs put together so they can dry up nice. Maybe I could teach my granddaughter a little basket making? That's something that everyone should try at least once in their life. A basket is a wondrous thing!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cold Front Comin' Through!!!

   Got off work and just look at that sky! I'd better hurry! Haul the compost and some peat moss over to the corner lot and get to digging.

   Here are the two loquats. Got that 'deformed' little redbud in too. Just in time. Started feeling rain drops right as I was finishing up.

   Bella was trying to help. Must have found a really interesting smell.

   Yep. THATS an interesting smell all right! Glad I didn't get a whiff! hahaha

   Then the wind blew hard and the rain came down! And kept coming!!!! Those little trees got in at just the right time.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just Me and Fergus.

   Well, you see how I get to type this evening! Fearless Fergus McAngus is sticking even closer to me than usual.... he fell out through a window yesterday and got stuck outside till after dark. And that "fearless" part really doesn't fit him. chuckle
   Anyway, hopefully I'm able to post this. Been having a lot of problems with that for quite a few months. Seems someone has "attached on" somehow to my blog and is using it. I don't know how... or why! But its really aggravating and has created technical problems for both of my blogspots.  Hopefully one of these days I will be able to get the problem resolved. And get rid of that horrid individual(s) that is causing all this difficulty.
    So.... this Winter has made me even more thankful that I live in Florida!!! We've certainly had a few COLD spells! But they were of short duration. Here it is the 11th of February and the trees are starting to bud out all ready. The pollen count is ridiculous!! The big mulberry tree on the corner lot is loaded with little fuzzy green berries!  How awesome is that?!  
    Speaking of the corner lot, I was out marking where to plant a couple of loquat trees.  Also need to move the elm and that little redbud. Will need to get some peat moss and cow manure to add to the soil.  I want to get them in the ground before the rain starts tomorrow. Seems there is another cold front heading our way! We have seen a lot of them this season. But I'll gladly accept the rain that they bring! hahaha
    Today was also a great day for watching birds! It looks like the ospreys are going to try and rebuild their nest in that transmission tower at the end of the road. YEH!!!  I've been observing the one gathering material all day long. It even flies in and tries to break off branches from the dead pine tree across the street. That bird actually sits in the neighboring tree and plans which piece it wants to try and retrieve. Wonderful to watch!!  The blue jays and grackles have been going after every hawk that tries to hunt around here. They're not holding back either! I usually cheer on the "little guy", but I feel kind of sorry for the hawks. Here they are on their regular "rounds"..... just trying to find a meal and the next thing they know.... they're under attack by feathered kamikaze!  Oh well, nature has its ways.
   Judging from the snoring, I'd better get Fergus snuggled into an actual cat bed!  Hope everyone has a wonderful night.
* Full moon coming!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Her Advice for 2014.

   I found Sibyl sitting on the sun drenched steps yesterday. When I inquired about what she was gazing at, her reply was simply "2013".
   So I sat down next to her and tried to coax out a little more information. Finally got her to share her thoughts. (And yes, I named her Sibyl for a reason, so I pay close attention to her actions and communications.)
   " I'm watching this year as it walks slowly towards the West. It will fade away into the sunset and ne'er be seen again. Just as every day does. An ending and a beginning.... meeting at that magickal point on the horizon. Its an infinitely continuous process. Since the creation of this planet each night leads into a new day. And then the cycle continues.

   Only humans, with your calendars and clocks, make a huge fuss over this particular day! How unnatural!   And now you're hinting around, hoping for a prophecy about your coming "year".

   Live simply and joyfully, show respect to all living things...and yes, that includes this blessed Earth that we live upon, be kind, do good deeds.... even when you aren't asked to do them, let the love in your heart shine brightly. Do those things and this next year will be more wonderful than you ever imagined! That is my prophecy to all humans."