Friday, July 25, 2014

It got me to thinkin'.......

   So, the post on the social network talked about "unstructured.... open time....Returning to natural rhythms..." It also asked how important this was to everyone reading it. And how often we made space for it in our lives. It certainly got me to thinking!
   Thinking that "no" I don't really have any leisurely time at my disposal. A part time job, my rescue animals and my mother pretty much occupy my whole day. Its stressful, but there are just phases in one's life where you do what you have/need to do... and that's it! Then another phase comes along, similar but different , and you do it again. That's life in general.
    Don't get me wrong. I've had some fantastic phases! Plenty of time to touch the Universe and swim in the energy currents that flow throughout this world of ours... and beyond. And I still connect to that... but right now its only for short little periods of time.        Then its necessary to pull back in, ground and go bathe my mother, or do the laundry, prepare a meal, head off to work, etc..
    There is an odd, chaotic rhythm to it all. Caring and necessity make up the foundation. And that is where the steadiness lies. When things get too erratic and just plain crazy... I reach down deep and connect.    Stability is a necessity, especially at this point in my life.
    As for aligning with natural rhythms. The best habit I have set into my life has been to light candles when I awaken. No electric lighting. That just puts me in a foul mood!! I have several lanterns hanging from my ceiling on sturdy chains. In each of these is a tea candle. I literally feel my way around until I pull the lighter out of the basket on the table... then I proceed to light whichever candles I will need. On days I don't go to work, the natural progression into the light of the sunrise is such a blessing to my body and Spirit. I feel more balanced and peaceful the whole day through.  And when I can do it in the evenings too!!! Oh, how wonderful!     Once again, its those seemingly little things that have the most impact. No action is as insignificant as you might think it is.


   Whatever you do in life, remember to reach for the Light. I took this photo as an example of that. I thought one of my crepe myrtle trees hadn't bloomed because it was overshadowed by the much larger mulberry. Once I got to looking more closely at it... I saw that the branches that had grown high enough did indeed have flowers.  So you see, you just have to rise above it all!! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

There are those moments in Life.... that touch deeply.

It seems he comes into the store almost every day.
Always sad looking, always alone.
Always nice and well mannered.
Riding in a motorized scooter.
When he tries to walk, you can tell he is in pain.
Today he had on his World War II veteran cap.
Today he came and picked out a couple of doughnuts.
As usual I walked around the counter to put them in the basket on his scooter.
He had all ready stood up and then started to lower himself into the seat with great difficulty.
As usual he thanks me, then again..."Thank you" he utters in that hollow sounding speech of the deaf. 
You can tell he has lost his hearing over time.
But today he looked up at me and asked if I had children....
when I answered "yes", he sat up a straighter and said ....
"Don't let them join the military.
  Don't let them go to war!"
Then he sank back down and started touching his chest...
"Thank God. God saved me. He saved me."
He made the sign of the cross and moved his head slowly from side to side.
His voice barely a whisper, his head still moving back and forth, he uttered "war" once more.
His hand motions indicated that he wouldn't speak of the rest....
Then a soft "Thank you" before rolling away.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mid July Doldrums

   What a lovely end to a very odd day! I've been particularly sensitive to just about everything these last few weeks... add on the full moon and I'm just a stressed out mess when I have to deal with the world outside my home and yard. Its times like these that I just want to put up huge barricades and stay in my own little space! I'll gladly let the rest of the world roll on by. 
   With that in mind, I really haven't had much time to tend this place I call home. Everything is ageing and in need of repair. I don't have the money, time, muscle or no-how.... but somehow I'll manage to get through. I always do! I'm asking my Guides, Angels and Ancestors for a lot of extra help. 

   I went out into the back yard this afternoon and took a good look around. As usual, so much to do!  Have to figure out a better container to grow the strawberries in. This just isn't working well. I need to go vertical due to lack of space plus all the animals around here.  Strawberries with cat pee on them is a very bad thing indeed!!!    Found purslane growing in the one pot. That plant will grow darn near anywhere!

   Its been insanely hot so far this summer. My lovely little pansy flowers got fried to death! They just do not survive the heat.    Hmm, the chives need a major trim and perhaps thinning out too. Its only a month and a half till I start up the Fall garden.... have lots of preparation to do.

   And FINALLY I found a fig before the birds did!!! What an accomplishment! I was thrilled! hahahaa  The songbirds have been getting them all lately. And the hens stand under the trees and gaze longingly up into the branches... hopping as high as they can go. When I find a half eaten fig I pick it and tear it into three pieces for the girls. They just adore them!!  Maybe even more than they love watermelon. But then again, maybe NOT!