Saturday, February 23, 2013

The End to My Rosebush Drama.

WEEP!!! SOB!!!!!  Here is my Windermere. I've always disliked the task of pruning rosebushes back. I KNOW its whats best for them. And they always come back strong and healthy. But for some reason it makes me fret. Especially when they're covered in buds and blooms.  I only cut it down to my chest height, but doesn't it look sad?
Wanted this picture for reference. Will do a comparison shot come Summer. That should make me feel better!

All three of the mulberry trees have berries galore that are getting ready to ripen. Heres the one out on the corner lot. Took a photo from the southwest corner so you could see how some of the limbs are lying on the ground! What a wonderful tree!!! It has so much Spirit!

A ripe one. YUMMY!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Just a Little Bouquet, with a Bee!

Well, I was able to make myself cut back the rose bush. Only a few open blooms on it. And I quit counting the buds after I got to forty!!!
Trimmed the canes at half length. Still filled a whole garbage can with what was cut. I knew it was big.... didn't know it was THAT BIG!

Put together a little bouquet for my mother. She seemed to really enjoy it. Especially once the flowers warmed up and the scent grew stronger.  Forgot to check inside the petals though. So when it was in on the kitchen table a little honey bee woke up in there!!! Poor little bee! Luckily we were able to get it outside safely!
Can't bring myself to photograph the plant itself yet! The whole area looks so shockingly different. That rose bush towered over everything. Oh my, sometimes you must trim back in order to welcome in new growth. Just like in the rest of my life. chuckle

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lovely Roses.

   In Florida we're supposed to trim back the roses in January or February. Well, my one rose has been loaded with flowers ALL winter! I hate to trim it back ~ its still covered in buds. But tomorrow I'll force myself!! Then clean around it really well and put down some composted cow manure. Need to get to the pear trees too!   I am so far behind in the yardwork, it isn't even remotely humorous. Oh well, this isn't the first time.... and it probably won't be the last.
    So here is a picture of one of these beauties. Its a David Austin rose called Windermere. Lovely fragrance too.   One of my landscaping wishes is to put in a small rose garden. But that will have to wait another year at least. Other things have to be taken care of now..... everything is a part of the Garden of Life. So I'll just keep on Tending and Nurturing to the best of my abilities, and watch what Grows. See which buds unfurl and Bloom in order to Beautify Our World. Whether we know it or not... thats what makes us each a Gardener. I chose to be a Gardener of Light.  What about you?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Little Eggplant That Could.

   Last Spring I planted two eggplants in containers. They did "all right".  Seemed to be a bit stunted. Transplanted them into the ground during the Summer, and they took off! Growing much taller and producing pretty well. Got quite a few meals from them!  As the year wore on, they started getting some nasty infestations and just some general die-back.  One in particular looked REALLY BAD!  Imagine my delight this Winter as I watched it sprout from down near the base.  So I'd better get busy and tend to it! Help it on its way, so I can see what it will produce in its second year.
     Last Autumn I missed out on planting a Fall garden. And with the warm Winter that we've had, it was definitely a missed opportunity!! So far this year I haven't planted anything because I've been sick and busy with caring for my mother.   So plants that made it through to a second year are a real blessing to me!!    I HAVE to get the kitchen ready too.... I have three mulberry trees just covered in unripe berries! I really need a small chest freezer! hahaha   
     So much to do, and I fear I won't have the time to accomplish hardly any of it! Need to work on giving the pear trees a good start this season. The water issue still is a major problem. NEED to get a well drilled and a pump, but don't have the money for that at present ~ and the future doesn't look particularly promising right now. But, if I get going in the right direction that could change. Or let me say, that it WILL change! Positive thinking!   I'm like that little eggplant........ no matter what, I WILL ENDURE and FLOURISH!