Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little Sunset Snack.

   I've been having the greatest time photographing the clouds lately. This time of year the sky is AWESOME!!!  Even on the rainy days that we had. Anyway, I went out to take a few shots of the sunset today.... and guess what I found on the mulberry tree?

   Yep! Mulberries!  Guess I'm stating the obvious there! chuckle  Its just so exciting to me to have berries this time of year. Last December 1st my grandson spotted a bunch of them and of course I had to go get the ladder so we could pick all the ripe ones! What a treat that was. I didn't find very many today that were ready to eat... but that's just fine with me.  They made my evening THAT much sweeter!

   Always remember to enjoy the simple pleasures and little surprises in life.