Saturday, September 13, 2014

Guess I'd better get busy!

   Well, yesterday was the beginning! For a few years I've known that the one mulberry tree was way too close to my home and needed to be removed. I meant to move and replant it, but Life happened and my attentions were drawn elsewhere. Then it was too big to move! And I said to myself  "Better cut it down NOW, before it gets any larger." Well, Self didn't listen!!!  Now, me, my Self and I have a job to do.  (I had figured in late October or November when the temperatures are more pleasant would be a good time for this endeavor.)
   I started by taking down most of that ridiculously tall sunflower that towers over my mobile home. (Saved seeds!!)  In a windstorm it really pummels the edge of my roofing! So it HAD to go!        And speaking of storms, we've been really lucky the last few years as far as hurricanes go. But I still felt the need to make sure that overhanging limbs were removed!
   After I finished with the sunflower and hauled all the plant matter over to the corner lot, I started eyeing the mulberry. It had several limbs suspended over the roof so that was what I planned on cutting.    I got all but one... it has an interesting angle that I wasn't sure how to approach with the pole saw. Will try and figure that out later this evening.
   Anyway, as I stood there looking at this growing pile of limbs and leaves I realized that my original plan of starting the removal of this tree when the weather cooled off was totally unrealistic!!!   In my head, strange little Universe that it is, I had figured on taking out the tree, planting two or three other fruit trees AND doing the brickwork for the raised herb beds AND being done before Yule.  OK... I don't know what the hell I was thinking! Its darn near the middle of September all ready!!!!  Soooo... made a change of plan. From this point on I will try to cut a limb a day. That sounds manageable. Cut and haul the small debris over to the other lot. The bigger pieces I'll dry and carve on them at some future date. Mulberry is such a lovely wood I would hate to waste it.
    Luckily I've been talking to the tree and nature spirits about this for some time now. I've been asking them to relocate their energy over to the other trees and I feel like they've been very cooperative in that regard. I also apologized for my change in plans! They seem to appreciate my efforts... which is really a good thing! And I certainly appreciate all that they do!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Assorted Sunsets

We have been having some of the most beautiful sunsets lately.

Even on days when its all rainy and grey! The clouds are amazing.

And the colors vary from one day to the next.

This is from this evening! It was rainy and overcast almost all day.
Then THIS appeared!!!
What can I say, except that life is beautiful.... you simple have to open your eyes and heart to truly see it.