Sunday, May 31, 2015

Looks like Ernesto has found his religious calling!

   I always refer to Ernesto Loco as my "overly familiar" because he is soooo affectionate. But while he acts a tad bit needy I have to say that he has a nice solid feeling energy about him. And that is a true gift while I'm going through all the stress that is part of my life right now.
    My animal companions, even when they're being aggravating, help keep me grounded and walking the right path. What I find endearing is that every time I set up an altar area of some sort....... one or more of the cats appear! Its as if they are being summoned by Energies that I cannot perceive. So I thought it would be a fine idea to put this small statue of Bast in my new writing area. They all came to check it out, but Ernie decided to stay! chuckle    I guess he has declared himself to be the new High Priest of the Temple of Bast.
   I must remember to be more respectful of him!