Friday, April 26, 2013

You have to Remember, Life is Good.

   "What the heck is up with you ?" chuckle  Thats my interpretation of the look on Hermoine's face this morning.  Well, you know.... its been a little rough lately. Lots of repairs to do. Not enough money to do them, (so whats new? haha) The washing machine broke. I dropped my camera. Once I got it working again it was quite clear to me that it shouldn't be making those weird noises when I use it! Certainly never did before!!!  Oh well, I can take photos. Thats the important part. My back keeps threatening to go out on me. And EVERYTHING is a mess around here.   THERE.... I bitched, pissed and moaned and do I feel any better?  Actually, a little bit!!!!
   Seriously, sometimes you have to blow off a little steam. Kind of like the tea kettle on the stove. Just let out a scream.... but only a little one. Don't want to freak out the neighbors... too badly anyway.  The "secret" is to really release it. LET IT GO.  Hand it up to whatever Higher Power you believe in. And then go on with your life. If you dwell on the negative, you'll get stuck there!!! If you keep looking back and complaining about stuff thats all ready over with... you'll miss all the good stuff thats right in front of you. Or you'll trip over something and hurt yourself.... even more than you all ready are with all the negativity.
    We have free will. We can make a choice about how we approach the things that happen in our lives.  Heck, some people don't have a washing machine at all. So mine's broken. Thats not the end of the world. I'll figure out a way to get another one. I'm still moving around, puttering in the yard... a lot of folks can't say the same.  So I'm grateful. I'm even grateful when things break or go wrong. It gives me a chance to count the blessings I do have. And to always remember, Life is Good.    
    Y'all have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Poor Potted Plants.

   My friends have been landscaping their backyard. That managed to inspire me enough to start repotting some of my porch plants. Actually the whole porch needs to be worked on! hahaha  But I'll stick with the plants for now. Of course, it would have been nice if I'd had enough potting soil to do all the plants! Oh well, this was an unplanned action on my part. Got several done, then I picked up one of the ones that had been in a bouquet for my mother while she was ill. Talk about rootbound!!!
   Finally go all this mess apart and put some in a medium sized pot and then two smaller ones. (Because of the potting soil shortage!) They'll look better once they perk up and realize their roots have some room to spread out a little. And once the weather clears up a bit I can head out to the local garden center and bring home some more soil.   Paying for dirt! What a totally bizarre concept.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Opened Up My Mailbox and There It Was.

   Oh no! Guess what came in the mail yesterday? A seed/plant catalog!!! What temptation!  This year has been so hectic. Physically and emotionally wearing. I was almost glad that I didn't recieve my usual deluge of catalogs this Spring. But then..... this late comer showed up at my doorstep. Noooooooooooo!!!
    Well, maybe. Its awfully late in the season for Florida, but the prices are dirt cheap. Pardon the pun.  And they have some of the things I was wanting to try the most. The kind of climbing rose that I wanted to plant for my proposed  "courtyard" area. Some of the fruit and nut trees that I wished I could put over on the corner lot. Liatrus, aka Blazing Star, which the bees just ADORE!!! And they work out to less than a penny a plant. So, I could plant a tiny field for the bees, right? They have the cultivated elderberries. I mean ~ darn near everything that I'd wished for. And in the purely for show department, they have a "dragon blood" wisteria. What a color!!! Honestly, I don't know if I can resist. I'll have to sit down and go over my budget. Maybe I can fit in a couple of plants. Or three..... or...... oh!
    On a more grounded note, my friend John came up with a good idea for revamping the chicken pen. It involves framing out and enclosing part of the old blue shed as the henhouse. Then fencing in a run for them. Leaving me plenty of room to turn the rest of it into my jewelry workshop. Its a win-win situation!   Now all I have to do is CLEAN OUT THE SHED!!! shudder!