Sunday, March 31, 2013

Egg Hunt at Mae Mae's.

Just have to post a photo of this cake! Wanted something all flowery and Spring like. Didn't have the time to do it myself, so my friend Sue made it using some gum paste flowers she had ordered. WOW!

Of course the Easter Bunny hid eggs in and around the mulberry trees! Went with just plastic eggs this year... sad, but true. Between possums, coons, cats and wandering dogs I felt it was much safer. For the eggs!
And since my grandaughter doesn't eat candy, the eggs always have a little money in them. She LIKES that!!! hahaha

I guess the old fashioned woven basket has gone the way of the Dodo bird too. But hey, Spiderman is always cool. And a plastic bucket probably holds up better under the strain of a two year old boy!

Its all about finding the eggs! Do you see the one that we missed? Its was in plain view and  got overlooked! (And I hid the darn things!!! STILL missed it!!) I guess everyone was caught up in the excitement of the hunt!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Almost Forgot, its Still Winter!

   A little gust of Winter is visiting! The mulberry trees made it through all right. The berries themselves, not so much! haha  The wind blew all the ripe and semi-ripe off the trees. Oh well, there are plenty of green ones left on. We had a few light rain showers, but mostly wind, wind and more wind!! And  let me tell you, the temperatures were a whole lot chillier than we've been having!

  Of course the skies have been gorgeous! Winter skies in Florida are the prettiest blue. At night you can see the stars so much better. Just that lowering of the humidity makes a huge difference.