Saturday, February 21, 2015

Keeping the kitten warm at night!

   Does it look like I insulated the cat carrier well enough? He certainly liked it! He thinks he is the king of the world up there. hahaha  It did get below freezing the other night (and was freezing the night before) so this was sure to help.
    Put hay bundles and "nests" everywhere for the outdoor cats.... but some went and laid on top of my baby tomato plants instead!! Yes, I'd covered them with hay to keep them from getting killed off. They survived the freeze but were squashed by the yard cats. sheesh!

   Haven't gone out and inspected the damage to the plants yet. The firebush by the porch took a hard hit! I'm fearing the worst for my eranthemums. Pictured above was one of the bloom clusters right before the freeze. Such a lovely blue color!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

From February 19th...thought I had posted this! Ooops

Looks like its going to be our coldest night of the year so far. In Florida when the night time temperature falls into the 20's..... EVERYONE gets excited!!!

   I'm very happy to report that we have lots of robins in the area this Winter season! A few years back I hardly saw any... that was kind of scary actually. Look at all the dots in the photo above and you'll see a very small portion of them as they head West and Northwest to roost for the night. If you stand out and watch for a while, you'll see thousands of them.

   Haven't chosen a name for this little guy yet. His mama comes back about once a day to check on him and get food. Other than that, he is on his own. This evening I fortified the carrier. A plastic garbage bag duct taped around the outside to cut down on wind and I put "slabs" of coastal hay underneath, then around the three sides then on top. Hate to leave him out there in this.

   And I'm asking the spirits to keep their eyes on this little baby ring neck. He hasn't been hatched out very long!

   And, of course, I planted my little tomato plants!!! It figures!!!! Pulled the cypress mulch up close and covered them all with more of that hay. Oh goodness! Don't think I'd ever be able to actually live up North where it gets really, really cold!! hahaha     So bundle up and stay safe everyone!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Just because....

Trying times.... so just try to go with the flow!

There is always light amongst the clouds!
   Well, its been "different" around here the last few months. My mother's dementia is proceeding along at a steady pace... but we still have those moments of lucidity. And that's when she expresses her fear about how her mind is not working properly.   As everyone says, it all comes with the territory. We're making the best of it... as best we can.
    Doesn't seem like anything much has happened in four and a half months, but its all the "little" things that I'm realizing have started to add up. I find that pretty exciting! Of course, right now I'm in the midst of garden fever... and little else has the ability to grab my attention! hahaha    BUT I'm trying! Trying to stay focused on the here and now and not make any impulsive decisions that, well, won't work out as well as planned later on down the road. I seem to have a real gift for doing that.   So here I am, trying to plan ahead in a sane and rational manner.... sniggle! Trying to put in some "permanent" garden beds. Whatever that means!! haha 
     Its going to take some work to straighten out the front yard whatever I decide on. The well driller's truck really dug in some ruts out there. But hey, I have my own well now! YIPPEE!! Thought the wisteria was done for.... but I should have known better than that! Its rising up from the chaos and destruction like a real champion! The yellow anise bush is following suit... I was positive that was gone! Whew, the resilience of the plant people is amazing.   And that mulberry tree I was taking down.... still not finished (my back sort of gave out on me!) but its popping out leaves and little fuzzle berries everywhere it can!  Oh goodness, that just makes me feel worse about trying to remove it all.   (insert frowny face here)
    But onward I go! Might as well dream and make plans... not sit around and gripe and moan like some folks do. I never know what will actually come of all my efforts but that's part of the adventure! Might as well go with the flow and make the best of this precious thing called Life.  I'm lovin' it more and more.