Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Catching Up!!!

Blossom has been trying to figure out all the stuff going on around here. Its quite the hodge podge right before Halloween. And the weather has been MAGNIFICENT! Cool and windy! Really feels like Autumn.

One thing cool weather does is make me want to cook and bake more! I just had to share this photo. They're called Purple Splendor potatoes, and I fried up a mess with some white onions for supper last night. Pretty aren't they? I hope they aren't genetically engineered. ha ha ha    Actually I used to grow a blue potato years ago. But it wasn't THIS BLUE!

The sycamore leaves are turning faster now. Nothing like crunchy leaves under foot to make it feel like Autumn! Add these cool winds........

Of course, I have the windows open in my bedroom. I sleep so much better when its like this. Brave Dave and Ronan are the only ones allowed in right now. (Don't ask.)  They both snuggle down in the blankets and curl up real tight! Heres a fun shot of Ronan grooming this morning. He is such a handsome fellow!!!

And here is a little bit of sunset and two sandhill cranes to say good night with.  Sweet dreams to all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Of Those "Wow" Moments.

Ever look up at the sky and just stop dead in your tracks? When the clouds seem to glow with some heavenly intensity. That happened to me the other day. Theres no way these photos can do justice to the sight that held me in awe.

The sun was starting to set and its rays were striking the clouds at just the right angle. Illuminating the western clouds for just a minute or two with an absolutely surreal glow!

The ones to the South weren't as bright. But they still were a spectacular sight to behold!  Times like this make me realize what a WONDER this planet of ours truly is. We need to keep Mother Earth safe and healthy. And the air clean and pure..... so we can occasionally have our breath taken away by the Beauty of it All!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Its been sooooooooooo beautiful lately! I've been spending more time outside and neglecting other things. Really need to organize my time better. ha ha
You can sure tell Autumn is here. Some of the mornings have been nice and cool. And when the humidity drops off, then the sky seems to turn a richer shade of blue. I just LOVE IT! Always take the time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the world around you! It will make you a better person. I promise!
Wanted to share this photo of the oak tree at midday.

And these two of the sunset.

Just a couple of minutes apart. This cloud mass was too good to miss.