Monday, November 5, 2012

I Grow Cats Really Well.

Someone asked me what grows best at my home? I told them the truth.... cats. I always have plenty of those. An excess number of them actually! Oh well, at least they're well fed and looked after. Here is a good picture of Purty Thang.

She has a short tail with a pronounced crimp in it!

Of course, no feline update would be complete without Sibyl. Those gorgeous eyes of hers!!!

And this is Cleatus. He has been around for quite some time now, but has made this his "home" in just the last few months. He has the most handsome light green eyes. Still a bit skittish, but hes coming around. Hes starting to get the idea that being petted and even brushed is a good thing.

I seem to grow black cats especially well!!! Since they're Good Luck, I'll take this as a sign of many great things to come.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sunflowers and Sulfurs.

At one point I was sort of disappointed that these sunflowers had decided to grow taller than my mobile home and THEN proceed to bloom! But then I realized something..... I had to change my perspective. They grew this tall because, not only are they healthy enough to do so, they were going for optimal sunlight! People should be more like these flowers. Reach higher! Always trying to stay in the Light. The brighter, the better! Then BLOOM!

Beautiful to look at. Even from down here. And buds all over, so there are more flowers to come.

And here is one of the yellow sulfur butterflies that were all over my blue plumbago today!! Folks call butterflies "flying flowers" for a reason! ENJOY!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Catching Up!!!

Blossom has been trying to figure out all the stuff going on around here. Its quite the hodge podge right before Halloween. And the weather has been MAGNIFICENT! Cool and windy! Really feels like Autumn.

One thing cool weather does is make me want to cook and bake more! I just had to share this photo. They're called Purple Splendor potatoes, and I fried up a mess with some white onions for supper last night. Pretty aren't they? I hope they aren't genetically engineered. ha ha ha    Actually I used to grow a blue potato years ago. But it wasn't THIS BLUE!

The sycamore leaves are turning faster now. Nothing like crunchy leaves under foot to make it feel like Autumn! Add these cool winds........

Of course, I have the windows open in my bedroom. I sleep so much better when its like this. Brave Dave and Ronan are the only ones allowed in right now. (Don't ask.)  They both snuggle down in the blankets and curl up real tight! Heres a fun shot of Ronan grooming this morning. He is such a handsome fellow!!!

And here is a little bit of sunset and two sandhill cranes to say good night with.  Sweet dreams to all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Of Those "Wow" Moments.

Ever look up at the sky and just stop dead in your tracks? When the clouds seem to glow with some heavenly intensity. That happened to me the other day. Theres no way these photos can do justice to the sight that held me in awe.

The sun was starting to set and its rays were striking the clouds at just the right angle. Illuminating the western clouds for just a minute or two with an absolutely surreal glow!

The ones to the South weren't as bright. But they still were a spectacular sight to behold!  Times like this make me realize what a WONDER this planet of ours truly is. We need to keep Mother Earth safe and healthy. And the air clean and pure..... so we can occasionally have our breath taken away by the Beauty of it All!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Its been sooooooooooo beautiful lately! I've been spending more time outside and neglecting other things. Really need to organize my time better. ha ha
You can sure tell Autumn is here. Some of the mornings have been nice and cool. And when the humidity drops off, then the sky seems to turn a richer shade of blue. I just LOVE IT! Always take the time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the world around you! It will make you a better person. I promise!
Wanted to share this photo of the oak tree at midday.

And these two of the sunset.

Just a couple of minutes apart. This cloud mass was too good to miss.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumnal Equinox Sunset.

Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox! I decided that since I posted a photo of the sunrise for Spring equinox, I'd do the sunset this time. But I got so enchanted with the clouds to the North and South... and the half moon too!
It represented beautifully the Balance of this time.

The color play was so vivid. The photos really don't do it justice.

Loved this cloud rising up out of the northern horizon.

A rosey glow filled the air. It was wonderful!
And as it got darker.....

..... little wisps of soft pink still hung in the evening sky.

A fine start as the Wheel of the Year rolls gently on.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When Rainstorm And Sunset Collide.

This photo doesn't do the colors justice. But you can get the idea.

Blues to the Northwest.

Bright deep pinks in the West.

And here comes the storm up from the South!
So beautiful!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wildflowers In The Container Garden!

Had this volunteer in one of the containers. Its so pretty, I just couldn't uproot it.

The flowers only last about a day. And the petals fall off easily if touched.

I've identified it as a Primrose Willow. At least I'm almost certain!

Next, I want to identify this one!
Yellow certainly is a popular color with the wildflowers around here. ha ha ha This one isn't nearly as delicate as the other. I try to keep watch as to which ones the bees like the most. Will have to try and transplant those over on the corner lot. A wildflower garden for the bees! Sounds good to me.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feeling A Little More Like Autumn.

"Huh? Whats this Autumn thing that Mama is talking about? Can I chew on it? Does it taste good? Hopefully better than this twig! Is Autumn FUN?!?! Can I roll in it? Does is stink really good???  Maybe I can chase it?!!! That would be AWESOME!!! Is it slow or fast? Dry or wet? Messy?? Oh, I HOPE its messy!!!!"

"In other words people... How does this Autumn thingie benefit ME??? I'm up for anything, because I am the Great Zoom Zoom Goober!!!
What did you say? I'll have lots and lots of crisp, crunchy leaves to play with?!

"No. You goober-brain! Autumn is a time of year. Things start to change. The mornings are cooler and the air is drier. The days get shorter. The sky seems more blue, and the clouds are different than they are in Summer. You can see them starting to change all ready. The night skies are different too.
One more really great thing is Mama likes to cook more when Autumn is here. That means more homemade dog biscuits! And we get to go more places. I don't really look forward to that, but I know you do. And its kind of fun watching you make an idiot of yourself out in public."

"But I get lots and lots of crispy leaves, right??? And you said homemade treats???  WHOAAAA!! I LOVE AUTUMN all ready!!!
Hey.... what do you mean 'idiot'? Really, what does that mean? That I'm cute and adorable and lovable and that I LOVE to give kisses? Come on! Whats it mean?  
MAMA! Make Blossom tell me why I'm an idiot!"

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gotta Love Eggplants!

Found Hermoine in the mint patch on bug patrol this afternoon. Such a good hen!  My objective was the eggplant behind her. Getting close to supper time. Its a very satisfying feeling to go out and 'pick' your meal. Guess that goes for both of us! ha ha

Here are some of the components of our supper. Two types of eggplant, some cubanelle peppers and fresh basil. Wish my tomatoes had made it through the Summer. Will just have to plant some different varieties next time!

As I was trying to get a good photo, I noticed something in the planter full of thyme. Do you see it up at the top?

Don't know what kind of bird hatched out, but one of the parent birds chose to drop the egg shell here! They almost always take them away from the nest area.... to discourage predators.  I wish good luck to the little ones.

Oh, and can't forget the finished product!! And may I recommend a store bought pasta sauce? Yes! Thats what I said... store bought. I've been wanting to try this brand for some time, and finally got it on sale a few weeks ago.  Oooh boy! I plan on having a jar on hand from now on. Its Muir Glen  Portabello Mushroom Organic pasta sauce. Yummy stuff!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mystery: Is The Tree OK?

Found these holes around the sycamore tree on the corner lot the other day. They are all approximately three feet out from the trunk. There are 31 of them, 33 if you count two that are smaller than the rest. Fairly evenly spaced. They go completely around the tree.

The holes are anywhere from four inches to ten inches deep. Majority measure between six and eight.
(Note to the Dark Smurf: No jokes about this please!)
So anyway.... Back to the mystery.  I have no idea what made these. There was a toad in one of them as I was measuring depth. Surprised the poor little thing so bad! But they are opportunists as far as finding a place to stay. So I don't think that toads would be creating something this symetrical. The openings are a little less than an inch in 'width' and a little more than in 'height'.
Any ideas????????
My main concern is that the tree is safe and sound. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fungi Are So Cool!

Found some fungi growing in the geranium pot this morning. They just fascinate me!!! Love the design structure of most of the varieties.

I used to know one from the other YEARS ago! Will have to study up on them again. Yeah, in my spare time I'll do that. ha ha ha

In the meantime, they're faery umbrellas! Always have been.... always will be.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac Didn't Visit Us. Yippee!!!

Well, I was busy getting ready for a tropical storm the other day.... but it decided to cooperate with me and not come anywhere near my little corner of the Universe. Thank you Isaac!  Hopefully, he will take some much needed rain up the center of this continent without any real damage or loss of life.
Funny how bare the little framed garden area looks! Even with the plants still sitting there.  Thats all going to change soon! Its time to start planting all ready. Still need to weed the front yard though. ugh!

Got some eggplants that day too. The two I transplanted are doing well, except for some darn worm that eats the leaves and then "cuts" the branches! I've GOT to read up on what they are. So destructive.

The temperatures today are really warm, but we have been having fairly stiff breezes all day long. When the dogs come outside their noses go up like periscopes!! ha ha ha     I bet Blossom is getting a snootful of information!
Wonder if she can smell Autumn too?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happiness Is A Branch With Crisp Leaves!!!

On the subject of happiness.... Jacob LOVES a nice little branch to chew on! So I brought in a decent sized one that had blown out of the sycamore tree. He was overjoyed! And settled in to chew to his heart's content.

Then Brave Dave noticed all the activity!

Then Ernie came over to investigate. And Blossom too.

By the time Fergus and Cormac started to circle around, Jacob was starting to get a little bit worried. "What are you guys doing? Stay away from my branch!"

"I said STAY AWAY!"
So then I had to step in and stay close. It seems to make him feel more secure about things. And then he doesn't mind sharing. Of course, the cats weren't about to let up! ha ha ha But then, neither was Blossom.  I'll have to do this more often. It certainly is good quality, cheap entertainment!