Monday, March 16, 2015

Mulberry Update

That late freeze nipped the mulberry trees pretty badly, but only around the edges!

The actual berries are fine. Yippee!
My hens are certainly happy about that! hahaha

My, my.... Time just flies on by!!! (from mid-February. Forgot to post, Sheesh)

   Can hardly believe its February of 2015 all ready! My grandparents always told me that time goes by faster as you get older... they weren't kidding!  The last four months have soared by like a Peregrine falcon diving for it's potential prey. Seems I haven't even had time to blink... and "Bam!"... here we are in the second week of the second month! Kinda scary!
    Its been a busy time. Quite a lot of sickness in my animal family members. Brave Dave O'Malley has hyperthyroidism and now cystitis! Poor old man! Jacob is a mass of allergies and reactions. Even worse than before. And Blossom isn't that far behind him as far as skin eruptions go.  Both Autumn and Itty Bitty had to be put to sleep.   Yep, its been a bummer around here.  My mother's dementia is progressing. That's no surprise, but you always hold out hope for the best. Even if it doesn't happen. Sometimes denial is all you have to get you through another rough day.