Saturday, March 31, 2012

Small Beginnings.

Here is my granddaughter Arianna holding a young sycamore tree that sprouted from seed here in my yard. I'm using it as an example of size. This one is about five or six inches taller than the one my parents bought back in 1981. The trunk is thicker and, of course, this one has some leaves all ready. Doesn't look very impressive, does it?  Well..... you never know what you're going to get from small beginnings! You have to have Faith.

Here it is compared to the trunk of the older sycamore. 30 years of growth!

I couldn't quite get it all in the photo without going across the street. But you get the idea! So even if you have something you think is too small.... whether a tree, an idea, or some concept you want to try to manifest into the physical. Remember to go ahead and "plant" it! Tend to it well. Have complete Faith in what is meant to happen for the good of all. Then step back and watch it grow... You might be wonderfully surprised at what can come to be from those seemingly small beginnings.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Whats Left Behind.

   Even after the wishes are freed to roam the world, whats left behind is still beautiful. I always marvel at the designs that Nature creates. Wanted to share this one.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lots Of Orbs!!!

While trying to get a photo of the conjunction with the Moon, Venus and Jupiter the other night I took seven photos. One had a single orb in it, then there were these two! None of the others had them. And I was taking shots from different angles and locations in the yard.

Lots of them too. Very cool!

Make A Wish!

    I found the most perfect dandelion puff this afternoon. So I made a wish! Whispered it to the ancient Grandmothers.... then blew on the seeds so that they could ride the winds. Some settled into the yard, while others were swept up in the breeze! I watched as they drifted higher, and thought to myself how much they truly are like Hopes and Dreams. Some stay close to home and sprout to life, while others soar high and travel far. Each settling somewhere to grow and bloom. And hopefully, to make the world a bit more beautiful and make someone smile. Perhaps at the memory of picking dandelions and making wishes!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Those Darned Allergies.

   A reminder to be alert to allergy symptoms in your animal friends. I wasn't paying close enough attention this Spring and Ahulee got a really bad rash under his collar. Poor old boy!   He has healed up pretty good now, and has a brand new collar to show for it! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another One?!

   Can you stand another one of these pictures? They were just so darned cute! That soft breeze this morning was just cool enough that they must have decided that as warmth loving creatures they needed to huddle against the cold!! ha ha
But, of course, they weren't about to move away from the window. They might miss something!

Monday, March 19, 2012

19 Days Later......

   On February 29th I posted a photo of this same sycamore tree. A little more of a close-up, but in its bare branches was a single robin and its very first leaf of the Spring season. What a difference nineteen days make!!!
    This tree was planted in 1981. And it obviously is very happy with its location. When my parents bought it at a fundraising event for the FFA at a local high school it was about ten inches tall and as big around as a pencil lead! I repeat, its a VERY HAPPY tree. Over the years it has offered shade to many. Branches for children to climb in.... and held a swing or two. Functioned as an "apartment complex" for a wide variety of bird nests, including hummingbirds, and many a squirrel nest too. The ospreys gather some of the top twigs and branches for their nest every year. And when an owl settles into the branches in early evening to prepare for it's nighttime hunt... all the other inhabitants go very quiet indeed.
    These are just a few of the things that make a tree such a wonderful living being! It would be hard to list all the reasons why I love this one so much. Its an old friend standing vigil to the comings and goings of my life through all these years. And whenever I need a bit of comfort, I look out my window and there he stands.  Strong, ever present in the moment and with those great arms outstretched in an Embrace to the World and the Heavens! 
    We could all learn a lot from my friend.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Reminder.......

    Every once in a while the Universe reaches over and gives us a little tap on the shoulder. Reminding us to lift our heads up, breathe deep and take a look around. To take a special look at the people we know and care about. The animals we share our lives with, and who give us unconditional love..... even if we have been too busy to play with them lately.
   Look closely and think of how much you love and appreciate them all. How very dear their presence in your Life truly is. Do you express these feelings to them? Ever? Or just not often enough?    Don't promise yourself that you'll be more diligent. Just do it. It won't take much..... a short phone call, a quick email, send one of those 'just thinking of you' cards. Whatever works for you. Just Do It!
    Then be still a moment....... lift up your face....... and Thank the Universe for those beloved ones. Give Thanks that your Heart is open enough to Love them All....... past, present and future.  And always, Give Thanks for your Life. Your Very Beautiful Life.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Sure Sign Of Spring!

   Signs of Spring everywhere! I bear witness to these new beginnings happening all around me. My heart sings with delight at each new discovery. And with all these come the stirrings of ancient ritual. An awakening that prepares me for the year that lies ahead. This ritual has been passed down through generation upon generation. You must be thorough! You can't let even the slightest detail slip past you. All things must be uncovered and brought out into the bright sunshine. All things must feel the fresh breezes of the season swirling around them. The useless must be purged....discarded. All must be free of impurities.
    Yes.... I'm talking about Spring cleaning! Women's magick of the highest degree!     DO NOT overlook performing this ritual. And in our modern times, men can certainly do it too. It truly does bring you peace, good health and blessings for the months ahead. So lets everyone clean with purpose and keep a joyful heart!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Angel For Everyone.

    This is one of those days when it seems that everyone needs an extra angel. So I'll share one of mine. Will put her on both of my blogs so that she can cover more territory!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joy And Contentment...Cat Style.

   Today Ronan decided to share the window with Fergis. So much contentment! All from a cool breeze and some sunshine. Oh, and the soft blanket too.
    If there is anything I've learned from having pets.... its how to enjoy the simple things in life. Yes, I know there are volumes upon volumes of information written by "experts" about this subject. But I've been observing it in action for years now. And I can tell you that no human has it honed to its highest and purest form. Only the animals!!! We can learn so much from them. So relax a little bit and just let the Joy flow gently over you like a soft breeze. Then let it warm your body and Soul like Spring sunshine.
    Thats right, act like a cat!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little Bit Of Grace.

   Ever notice how you don't think you're getting anywhere with a project and then things seem to fall into place easily. Well, I finally got to one of those points with the container garden! Moved the frame, used an old shelving unit for "tables", put the plants on them... and the energy transformed. I know that the arrangement will change several times in the near future. But thats the great thing about it. I have that "knowing" and I accept it. All things change... you just have to be flexible and adapt as the changes take place.  I call it  "walking in grace".
    You can strive for it all you want....but you just need to set all that effort and expectation aside and step in and do it. Let the Flow carry you. Know and Trust that the Universe is taking care of you. Remember, Life is Beautiful.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

From Wisteria Flowers To Tree Hugging!

   The wisteria is starting to bloom now! As we are expecting a weather front to move through tonight, I thought I'd better take a photo. This plant has the most fantastic vines. You can train them to do darn near anything! So I was tickled to see an article about "growing" your own chairs on one of the blogs that I follow. Here it is:    
    Seems its National Tree week in Ireland. March 7th -13th.  Lets all celebrate!!  Actually, I'd like to see everyone celebrate trees all year long. The Standing People share so much with us....lets show them some respect and love.  So yes, I'm going to encourage people to breathe deep ( Thank the trees for that one!),become quiet and calm...... and go commune with your favorite tree(s). Give them a long hug.... you might be wonderfully surprised by the energy you receive in return. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Healing Spider Medicine

    Made this pendant quite a few years ago. Australian opal triplet in sterling. I meant it as a symbol of respect for Grandmother Spider, but I also recognized the therapeutic effect. I happen to have a healthy dose of arachniphobia stemming from my childhood! Have found myself wearing it almost constantly the last three months. Perhaps helping me to weave together the threads of my life. Need to get to work on that tapestry!
    This last week I've had two incidents where I found myself tangled up in large spider webs.  The amount of composure I had truly surprised me! I was even able to get the spiders themselves off of me safely...... and not "freak-out" in the process. Thats a REAL indication of healing and growth for me. And I'm celebrating it!