Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Little Berry Pickin'.

   One of my favorite places!! Standing underneath the mulberry canopy and gazing at the sunlight shimmering through. The grandchildren came over and picked a few berries today. A wonderful way to spend part of a picture perfect afternoon!

   This will give you some idea of size. That's my grandson down there in the corner. You find more mulberries if you look up under the branches and leaves. So he is trying his best!   Also looks like the camera caught a couple of big orbs. Hey, the Spirits and Angels love it when the children come around! Glad they decided to jump into the family photo! hahaha

     Of course, the best part is the sampling! To insure good quality berries!

   The Nature Spirits really were playful today. Kept putting green berries in my granddaughter's hair!  No one else.... just her. She didn't know they were there when I took this photo. chuckle     

Meanwhile out on the Corner.......

   Will begin playing catch up with the posts!  We've had several cold fronts come through of late, bringing much needed rain and those robust winds that I love so much. The big mulberry tree really dances when the winds pick up! It has those large draping limbs that sweep the ground. What a wonderful tree.

   Quite a few unripe berries fell off..... but there are SO MANY left I don't think it made any difference. As usual, there will be plenty to go around.

   Dug up a patch so I could plant some Liatris spicata for the bees and this is just some of what I found. Lots of broken glass and pieces of metal, tile, linoleum and some unidentified "stuff"! Its going to take a lot of work to get the land back in balance over there.... but I feel like I have a really good start!!!