Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Living the "Green" Life.

   Just love this time of year. Everything is so GREEN! These photos show the West side of my mobile home where two of the mulberry trees grow. Yes, I know the one is waaaay too close. I'll have to remedy that situation pretty soon. But not this year! (I said that last year too. Yikes!)

   Its just so pretty... and loaded with berries. I just love sitting at my kitchen table and gazing out at it. And when the berries get ripe, its an awesome bird watching spot. Just ask any of my cats!

   Here is the view looking out. The sunlight coming through the leaves is a lovely sight to behold. Uplifting and soothing! Makes me feel downright JOYFUL!       I hear all the time about "living green".... well, I'm surrounded by it right now. And loving every minute of it.

   Then there is that maple tree in the back yard that obviously hasn't seen the memo about it being Spring! hahaha 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring is bursting out all over the place.

   Most of the maples have dropped all their Autumn colored leaves. (We don't get Fall colors from them until January or February) And the little "whirly gigs" are flying everywhere in the breeze. Love to watch them. The squirrels love to eat them! And that COLOR!


   Then there is the issue of the Cherry Laurels. They're what I call "glorified weeds". Some just call them junk trees. Either way, they don't hold up under storms very well and can be a real hazard. But.... when they produce those little dark berries the birds go absolutely NUTS! That's why I didn't cut down all that were growing on my property.  A big mistake in hindsight, but I've had a lot of enjoyment over the years watching flocks of robins and cedar waxwings going into feeding frenzies! hahaha
   Unfortunately for me, my trees are getting ready to bloom now. Like any second! The pollen will billow out through the air and I'll have to run for cover! And take lots of antihistamines when I want to work outside in the yard. Sheesh!

   Speaking of that... I was trying to tidy up the front a little and make room to plant some squash. Underneath all the leaves I found quite a bit of Virginia Creeper growing. Got all excited about changing my plans for the afternoon, but then I found out that I didn't have any basket frames ready for weaving. (I could have sworn I had one or two ready to go!?)  So I grudgingly rolled the vines up for later.    Will have to soak them when I want to use them. Sometimes that messes up the appearance of the outer "bark". Better to use them fresh. Oh well, that'll teach me to be more prepared!  Will have to get some frames and ribs put together so they can dry up nice. Maybe I could teach my granddaughter a little basket making? That's something that everyone should try at least once in their life. A basket is a wondrous thing!