Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Enjoying the Morning.

   Every once in a while you get one of those beautiful mornings! The temperature is just right. The breezes are strong yet gentle. The morning sun rises and you can greet the day with joy! I stood outside for the longest time in a state of amazement. Just astounded at the magnificent beauty of it all.
   There must be a hummingbird nest in the oak tree! Watched as a female was preening  herself... then took after a warbler that dared come too close. She chased him clear out of the yard! hahaha     Then returned, took up her place on the branch and resumed her morning grooming session.  Some folks might have missed that, but I was blessed with being able to watch it all unfold.
   The cicadas are getting louder! Or maybe it just seems that way. chuckle  Its one of those days where everything just seems to be so much "more". Know what I mean?  I'm feeling extra sensitive lately. And sentimental too. Washed out this little quilt earlier and had a wonderful time remembering the fabric scraps. The pink was one of Mom's dress', the blue was one of LuLu's. The brown print and the light blue and green print came from Mrs. Reynolds. The dark paisley was from a garment that I made. And the other scraps came from Granny. I made this out in Arizona in 1975!!!   Wow! I was 16 years old.
    The old folks always told me that the older I got the faster time would pass. They weren't kidding!  Anyway, this morning I've looked back on some old memories and some new ones were created. Thats all part of this wonderful Life we live. Appreciate it. Be Grateful for it. And Enjoy it!