Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beautiful Sunshine!!!

The wind is gusty, the squall lines still bring us rain... but we also have times of clear blue skies and bright sunshine. I'm CELEBRATING!!! WoooHooo!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Corner Lot Update: Its a Lake!

I knew the lot was low in spots, but I'd forgotten how low! This is why there is a layer of limestone out there. Its all washed in from the road fill. It seems that Tropical Storm Debby is going to help me in rethinking my plans.

The sycamore is on that little bit of a rise on the north end.

The mulberry is obviously NOT. I'll have to start looking around for some cypress trees. They can stand relatively dry ground, but aren't adversely impacted when flooding occurs. They LOVE IT!!  They could live in the lowest points.  So I'm looking seriously at getting in a large amount of fill dirt at some point in the future to raise the ground level wherever its practical.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice!

   Well, technically it isn't until 7:09 p.m. EDT. But what the heck... HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!  The Wheel of the Year keeps on turning. The sun arose for its longest day. Lets celebrate! Come to think of it, lets celebrate EVERY day! That would make Life a lot more fun, wouldn't it? Wake up every morning and actually look forward to the new day...... or at least, a part of that day. Find something worth celebrating. Like BREATHING! Or being able to SEE the sunrise! HEAR the birds chirping! FEEL the breeze on your face! Wonderful things like that! What about sitting down and eating a meal? How thankful are you for that awesome thing? Some folks don't get to celebrate that very often. Be Thankful for your Life and then send good and positive energy out to the whole planet! Thats a great way to celebrate. Be Joyful! Be Radiant! Everyday. Then SHARE it with the world.  Have a great Summer everybody!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warning: Recommendation Ahead.

   I don't usually recommend things like this, but I've enjoyed this CD so very much. I'll include a warning: Be Joyful At Your Own Risk. Because this really lifts the energy up!!!  You might find yourself humming along, or bobbing your head to the beat. Even dancing in the kitchen!
   Joyful devotion always transcends any differences. Whether it be religious, cultural or whatever.... all paths lead to the One.
    Flow of Grace consists of two CD's. The first has several versions of the Hanuman Chalisa, the second is a pronunciation guide. Its good to listen to that first, as recommended by Krishna Das. Because the chants WILL be running softly through your brain after you listen to them.  chuckle
   Now I'm going to quote something that Krishna Das wrote directly from the accompanying booklet. No, I don't have permission! But I feel that these three paragraphs say IT ALL, and I wish to share this with everyone.

   "It was through reading the Ramacharitamanasa and chanting the Hanuman Chalisa that I began to understand the subtlety and power of the path of devotion and the sublime way that love can transform the hardest heart into the heart of a saint. It is love that brings meaning to our lives.The path of love goes right through the middle of every heart.
   No one is locked out. No one is turned away. No one is unworthy. The love that lives within each and every being is Bhagavan; it is Ram, Buddha Nature, the Atman, the Self, the One. It is who we are - our own True Nature, radiant and shining like a million suns.
   This quality of unlimited inner strength can only be awakened when it is in the service of Love. God is love, and when we align ourselves with that love and act in the service of that love, anything is possible."                   Krishna Das



Friday, June 15, 2012

Always Remember...

   Always remember a daily prayer for the World.    For Mother Earth and All of her inhabitants.   For the air, earth and water to be clean and pure.   For all the children to be safe, well cared for, respected and loved.   For all the elderly to be safe, well cared for, respected and loved.    For everyone and everything that is a part of the Whole to be safe, well cared for, respected and loved.    For Peace and Kindness to prevail the world over.     Always remember to Give Thanks.... for the blessings that we already have and for the blessings that we ask for.    See them as if our prayers have already been made manifest.

   Gardener of Light,  2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Just Couldn't Resist These!

While trying to clean out another kitchen cupboard, I found one of the boxes had been appropriated by Autumn (who else!) and Ronan had decided to join her.

Much to her chagrin!!! Obviously she is greatly displeased.

That is NOT a good thing.

I'm pleased to report that Ronan was not injured in this incident.

Friday, June 8, 2012

This Made Me Think.

On the way back to my car from the nesting colony, I took a couple of shots of this juvenile trying to feed in a rain puddle in the parking lot. He would shuffle one foot and then try to poke around with his beak. Or is it a bill on a stork? Anyway, no wonder he was looking perplexed.... its not easy to probe into asphalt. Of course, he didn't know any difference. Its a body of water, and therefore should have something in it to eat. Logical, huh?

Watching him made me think of how disconnected from Nature we are as a species. Especially our young. So many children don't even grow up playing outside anymore. It makes me wonder how it all contributes to some of the issues that we are confronted with nowadays. We must stay in a state of harmony with the earth we live on, in order to maintain balance. Physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual balance. We must do that, not only for ourselves, but for future generations.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bird Colony. Love This Place!

A little crowded, but everyone seems to get along well regardless of their differences.  Quite scenic too!

Wood Storks are the main segment of the population. With white herons, anhingas, cattle egrets, the occasional great blue heron and even a few snowy egrets. The snowys were the birds that started this "settlement" quite a few years ago. It was astonishingly beautiful to see a large group of them in their mating plumage. I so wish I had taken time to photograph them. Oh well, live and learn. At least we hope to learn from our experiences.

This youngster was hanging out over near the fence. What a cutie!

And of course, theres always that ONE GUY in the crowd!! You know the one.