Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Komodo Dragon = Modern Dinosaur?

   Went to the zoo the other week with my daughter and grandson. They had a dinosaur exhibit there. Wyatt is quite the fan of dinosaurs! He knows all the names and everything. Heck, he can pronounce names I don't even know.  (they've unearthed so many more kinds of dinosaurs since I was young! Its hard to keep up.)   Anyway, we found one of their close relatives over in another section of the zoo. I was definitely impressed by this fellow!

Finally Some Rain!

   Well, its been a while since I've gotten back to the blogs.  Feel like I've been busy doing nothing for quite some time now!  Decided to not plant anything new. Which was a wise decision on my part. The weather has been miserably hot and dry of late.  And I still don't have a well and pump of my own for water. Of course, now that theres a disturbance down off the coast of Central America...  our rain chances are increasing! The photo above is how the sky has looked all day. We've had some good showers!!! The plants and trees are so happy. 
    I went up on the roof of my workshop this afternoon to try and patch the worst hole. Hopefully it will help! Even a little bit would be good! haha
    Then I figured that since we were going to have plenty of rain, I'd better move that young mulberry tree that was growing right next to my mobile home! No one who says they want it has come to dig it up. I couldn't put it off any longer! Even though this isn't the proper phase of the moon to do that on.... and its considered too late in the season here in Florida... I figured with the rain we're supposed to get the next few days, that little tree stands a pretty good chance of making it! Mulberries are really tough once they take hold somewhere.
    Another, sort of, advantage of the rain is that those super tall sunflowers have bent over under the weight of their wet leaves!! So pretty! I can finally enjoy them a little bit. chuckle