Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac Didn't Visit Us. Yippee!!!

Well, I was busy getting ready for a tropical storm the other day.... but it decided to cooperate with me and not come anywhere near my little corner of the Universe. Thank you Isaac!  Hopefully, he will take some much needed rain up the center of this continent without any real damage or loss of life.
Funny how bare the little framed garden area looks! Even with the plants still sitting there.  Thats all going to change soon! Its time to start planting all ready. Still need to weed the front yard though. ugh!

Got some eggplants that day too. The two I transplanted are doing well, except for some darn worm that eats the leaves and then "cuts" the branches! I've GOT to read up on what they are. So destructive.

The temperatures today are really warm, but we have been having fairly stiff breezes all day long. When the dogs come outside their noses go up like periscopes!! ha ha ha     I bet Blossom is getting a snootful of information!
Wonder if she can smell Autumn too?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happiness Is A Branch With Crisp Leaves!!!

On the subject of happiness.... Jacob LOVES a nice little branch to chew on! So I brought in a decent sized one that had blown out of the sycamore tree. He was overjoyed! And settled in to chew to his heart's content.

Then Brave Dave noticed all the activity!

Then Ernie came over to investigate. And Blossom too.

By the time Fergus and Cormac started to circle around, Jacob was starting to get a little bit worried. "What are you guys doing? Stay away from my branch!"

"I said STAY AWAY!"
So then I had to step in and stay close. It seems to make him feel more secure about things. And then he doesn't mind sharing. Of course, the cats weren't about to let up! ha ha ha But then, neither was Blossom.  I'll have to do this more often. It certainly is good quality, cheap entertainment!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happiness Begins Within You.

   What a beautiful morning! The breezes were so nice, and the temperature wasn't too bad. You can tell its still August just from the amount of sweating that you do whenever you're outside working though! It was great to get out early and putz around the backyard. Found three more big pebble rock squares to help extend the main terracing wall. I wasn't PLANNING on doing that.... but it just happened so smoothly.  You have to "go with the flow" on most yard projects. Its just easier that way! ha ha   Plus with more rain on the way from Tropical storm Isaac, I really needed more wall there. Everything worked out "just right". 
    Anyway, as I was digging and lifting pavers and stuff.... I realized how content and happy I was feeling. Got me to thinking about how a lot of folks just seem to enjoy being sad or angry. And how they wait and wait... and complain and gripe... expecting that something should come along and make them happy. Or they search high and low, ALL the time.... looking for that "thing" that will bring them happiness. And then moan and bitch about not finding it.  Its kind of sad really. They don't understand that it comes from Within. You don't go out and find it! Its there. Just waiting to be let loose into the world!!! It'll sneak up on you sometimes... comes peeking around a corner, then bounds over and slurps you in the face like a big, lovable dog. So EMBRACE your HAPPINESS! You won't regret it!

   Speaking about being happy! I said Thursday morning that I actually smelled Autumn. Just a little, mind you. But it was there in the air!!! Well, here is a photo to prove it. You can see some of the sycamore leaves are starting to turn brown. It might not seem like much to some folks, but here in my part of Florida this is a sure sign that the seasons are getting ready to change. I know, I know... I get way too excited about it! ha ha ha  And we have lots of hot weather to go through yet. But I love seeing the changes that come with the Seasons. Even if they are pretty subtle down here!

   Last, but not least, a dear friend picked and gave me these two flowers this afternoon. I just had to take a photo to share. I think they are sooooooo beautiful!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tidying Up A Little Bit. Did I Smell Autumn This Morning?

   Its been sort of strange lately... well, stranger than normal. But I have to remember that I must keep my little corner of the Universe in good repair in order to maintain a sense of balance. Surround myself with positive and strengthening energy as I stand within my little spot of physical existence. So today I figured I'd better start to TIDY THINGS UP!  I know it might not sound like much, but it was quite satisfying and soothing.
   Early this morning I could feel that delicate first touch of Autumn! Its a feathery soft impression that lightly caresses my Spirit. I so look forward to that every year! In the midst of the heat and humidity of Summer, I need that proverbial "Light at the End of the Tunnel". Today the sky and clouds had that "look" and the air just felt right. With a wonderful breeze and the leaves starting to fall off the sycamores...... aaahhh. I couldn't miss the hint that Mother Nature was dangling right up in my face!! ha ha
   That kind of feeling always makes me want to tidy up. Washed out more of the fabric that the cats had knocked behind my material shelves... and hung them out to dry in this wonderful breeze. Then decided to try and clean up that eternally cluttered corner on my porch! (I have a few more of those spots inside. Does anyone else have spots like that?)

   Decided to move some of my long neglected porch plants over there. So, of course, that meant I needed to go dig out a table from the storage room. Out came an old funky looking sewing cabinet. Peeling paint and all. PERFECT!!!Used three slats from a beehive to cover up the hole where the maching used to be. Perfect again!

   Spruced up the plants that were there and am in the process of moving the others. Looks soooooooo much better all ready! Next month I want to paint all the porch chairs a lovely shade of blue. Also saw Ronan's hawk up close today. It was on it's morning rounds in the neighborhood. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me then! Sheesh   Theres another one around too. Its a heavier built bird with darker coloration. Need to check the identification charts. In the meantime, on to more of my really early Fall Cleaning!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making My Peace With August.

    August. I always dread this month! Its our hottest time of the year here in Florida. And the humidity levels are always high as well. Makes you feel sort of like your skin is melting off. Yep, I REALLY DON'T LIKE AUGUST! But I used to say I hated it. Now I find that as the years have gone by, I've had a change of heart.
*My daughter and grandaughter were both born this month.
*The Perseid meteor showers are always a wonder and delight to watch. Of course, you must wear something to protect against the voracious mosquitoes whenever you do any stargazing! Thats just a fact of life here. chuckle   
*Its time to start getting ready for the Fall garden. Lots of work to do in that blasting heat.... but its worth it because of the excitement and anticipation. Whether its new seed varieties or old favorites, theres something wonderful about getting ready to plant!
*The clouds!!! Big, fat towering cumulus clouds fascinate me! I always do what we all used to do as children.... try to see what shapes and figures I can make out in the cloud masses. Saw a HUGE eagle with wings outspread the other day at sunset. Shapes that are that realistic make you wonder.... what messages do the clouds have for us? If we will just take the time to look.    And yes, I've seen lots of angels in the clouds.
*Sunsets! We have a lot of pretty sunsets here, but it seems they take on richer colors this time of year. Maybe its just the heat affecting my brain!! ha ha    
 * So many other little things! What truly matters is that as long as I can enjoy the Beauty around me, then I'm content. And so I find that I have made my peace with August and what it brings my way.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh My! Big Caterpillars!

Whoa! Look what I found munching on the Scarlet Milkweed today.

Quite the little acrobat. And voraciously hungry from the looks of things!

Also a contortionist!  So why aren't I upset by this caterpillar, and another one further down on the same plant, stripping all these leaves? Well, because....

This is what they turn into!
I love Monarch butterflies. It was a real joy to stand there and have this beautiful creature fly and glide all around me. Flitting up into the air, coasting along on the breeze, then gently fluttering back to the flowers.

Then off again! They add such beauty and magick to our everyday world. They're one of those little things that make Life so Astoundingly Wonderous!