Tuesday, July 4, 2017

While washing the dirty window......

   While washing the dirty window I was looking at my mother's tree.
   Speaking to him as I always do....

   Then I had that moment.
   When it came to rest in my heart.
   Today things changed....
   That breath...  was the beginning of a new me.
   Or is it the true me?
   A new life.
   I let go and my Spirit soared.
   Perspectives changed and I know what I can no longer hold on to.
   I have no need to.
   I look forward into the sky
                                                            and I am free.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

And yet another year has gone by.

   "Time waits for no one". The old folks weren't kidding when they said that.
   After fifteen years of caretaking I now find myself feeling exhausted and somewhat lost. Mom passed away the 11th of May, 2017. It was a blessing for her. Heck, she was ready to leave the physical even before dementia took her mind away. She so hated not being independent and able to care for herself. Just goes to prove another saying all the old folks had ...... "You never know what Life has in store for you".     Ain't that the truth!
    So its recovery and new beginnings for me. I can feel my creativity stirring again and that means that it will all be ok! That much I do know.  

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Waiting for the storm....

   Well, its been almost eleven months since I last posted on this blog. Once again time has slipped away as if it were caught up in a raging river!  Many things found their way into those chaotic waters.... some literally torn from my grasp.  I find myself exhausted and a bit numb. So I've decided that it would be very therapeutic to return to my blogs, even if its just to post photos. 
   Sooooo..... I'm back!   And sitting here this evening waiting for the storm winds to arrive. And of course the rain. We're supposed to have LOTS of that. But we'll see... you never know for certain what a storm will do. Regardless of all the fancy equipment that the weather folks have!  Things can change in an instant!  Like everything else in life.
    My only real worry this time is the mulberry trees, especially the BIG one out on the corner lot. As you can see from the photos , it took another hit this Spring. Several medium size branches were broken and then the large one in the photo above. I haven't actually measured anything so its hard for me to explain just how BIG this is! Almost the size of the one that was twisted off last year.      These trees are awesome, but the wood is obviously fairly soft. And the fact that the limbs naturally droop downward and those big leaves are like boat sails!   Whew! What a recipe for trouble!
    I'm hoping and praying that there won't be any major damage this time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Watching the clouds.

   Oh, how I love the clouds! I always brag to folks about the clouds in Florida. We have some of the best I've seen anywhere.  Especially this time of year, when the rains are so prevalent. (Except at my home.... they seem to skip over me quite often!  But then, we always manage to avoid the worst of the big storms here too. Something about the land magnetics.)
   They have always soothed away my cares..... which is something I desperately need at this point in my life. And at times, I've used them as a divination tool. "Ask and you shall receive."   Of course, there are those times when I don't ask, but the cloud people show me anyway! hahaha    I'm always grateful for their assistance, but their beauty and magnificence are what makes me stop in my tracks and gaze upward. I have no words then..... only an amazing feeling in my heart and Spirit.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Looks like Ernesto has found his religious calling!

   I always refer to Ernesto Loco as my "overly familiar" because he is soooo affectionate. But while he acts a tad bit needy I have to say that he has a nice solid feeling energy about him. And that is a true gift while I'm going through all the stress that is part of my life right now.
    My animal companions, even when they're being aggravating, help keep me grounded and walking the right path. What I find endearing is that every time I set up an altar area of some sort....... one or more of the cats appear! Its as if they are being summoned by Energies that I cannot perceive. So I thought it would be a fine idea to put this small statue of Bast in my new writing area. They all came to check it out, but Ernie decided to stay! chuckle    I guess he has declared himself to be the new High Priest of the Temple of Bast.
   I must remember to be more respectful of him!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mulberry Update

That late freeze nipped the mulberry trees pretty badly, but only around the edges!

The actual berries are fine. Yippee!
My hens are certainly happy about that! hahaha

My, my.... Time just flies on by!!! (from mid-February. Forgot to post, Sheesh)

   Can hardly believe its February of 2015 all ready! My grandparents always told me that time goes by faster as you get older... they weren't kidding!  The last four months have soared by like a Peregrine falcon diving for it's potential prey. Seems I haven't even had time to blink... and "Bam!"... here we are in the second week of the second month! Kinda scary!
    Its been a busy time. Quite a lot of sickness in my animal family members. Brave Dave O'Malley has hyperthyroidism and now cystitis! Poor old man! Jacob is a mass of allergies and reactions. Even worse than before. And Blossom isn't that far behind him as far as skin eruptions go.  Both Autumn and Itty Bitty had to be put to sleep.   Yep, its been a bummer around here.  My mother's dementia is progressing. That's no surprise, but you always hold out hope for the best. Even if it doesn't happen. Sometimes denial is all you have to get you through another rough day.